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Kids Talk Climate Change

Tune in:


Here, on We The Children, we will be tackling hard topics, learning about different climate phenomena, and speaking with experts and leaders in the field of global warming solutions. I may not have all the answers, or be able to solve the worlds’ problems, but I know I have to try. And I’m glad you’re here to help.

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What you can expect on We The Children

First, I’ll introduce the episode. Next, my friend, Waldo will pop in for a little weather lesson if you will. Then, we will invite a climate expert for an interview. We’ll also play a rousing game of climate trivia and learn about a local organization or business that is working toward climate solutions. I hope you enjoy today’s episode!

Waldo's Wacky Weather Lesson

Climate Trivia

Small Businesses & Climate Solutions

Interview a Climate Expert

What We Can Expect

The Climate is Changing

We are nearing a tipping point, a place from which we can not turn back, and we are racing towards it at record speeds.

Our futures are resting upon our shoulders - the shoulders of kids like me.

We need to face the facts.  And we need your help.



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