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Community Building for Climate

“If we kill off the wild, then we are killing a part of our souls” - JANE GOODALL.

The Roots and Shoots Program by Dr. Jane Goodall is simple yet meaningful and encouraging. It helps youth learn to become agents of positive change in the world by addressing issues (community, animals and the environment).

With this program, you can unlock your passion and find ways to get involved in community building for the climate. Sounds exciting?

Let’s explore the details of the Roots and Shoots program, how you can join, and how the program gifts a better planet together!

Climate Crisis and Biodiversity Crisis: What are they?

Well, before heading to our main objective of how to protect biodiversity, let’s understand what climate crisis and biodiversity crisis are.

The climate crisis indicates the effects of global warming and climate change on the planet and humanity. The UN Environment Programme says that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have caused the climate crisis since the Industrial Revolution. As per the US stats, the effects are:

  • Environmental degradation

  • Natural disasters, i.e., tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes, etc.

  • Weather extremes

  • Food and water insecurity

  • Economic disruption, and many more.

On the contrary, a biodiversity crisis indicates the disappearance or decline of species, or the limited number of species in a certain area. It is caused by human activities that affect the natural balance of Earth's life, such as:

  • Deforestation and habitat loss

  • Overexploitation

  • Pollution

  • Land use change

  • Invasive species

  • Climate change, and more.

As per the Grantham Research Institute, around 1.2 million plant and animal species are under threat of extinction due to climate and environmental change. For example, amphibians, cycads, etc.

However, Biodiversity is a vital part of a healthy climate environment. It is the variety of animals, plants, and microorganisms that come together to create the unique ecosystems of our planet.

Scientists believe warming weather combined with more intense and frequent storms could increase tornadoes and expand their geographic range. Now, the question is how we can protect our environment. The Roots and Shoots USA program is best for empowering young people like me to effect positive change in their communities.

A Complete Guide: Roots and Shoots USA Program

Roots and Shoots is a program by Dr. Jane Goodall, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), a global youth-led community program. Jane Goodall is a world-renowned etiologist and conservationist. After spending 60 years studying the species, she is considered the leading chimpanzee expert.

The jane goodall institute homepage

She is also a pioneer in the world of scientific research and has broken barriers for many female scientists. The program builds a legacy and vision to place the power and resources for creating impactful solutions for the environment, climate change, and animals.

In short,

  • This program is a powerful, youth-driven network that provides a flexible and supportive environment for sharing ideas and inspiration to implement successful community service projects.

  • The program teaches children and young people about community activism through project-based learning.

Tens of thousands of people from over 65 countries have come to connect with this program, and they share a common desire to make the world a better place for the next generation.

Shawn Sweeney is one of them. He is an associate advice president of communications and policy at the Jenga Institute. Shawn’s career has spent many years combining his passion for the environment, research, and community relations.

Are you curious to learn more about Shawn? We’ll discuss it later. Stay tuned!

What’s the Goal?

The Roots and Shoots program's goal is to inspire, educate, and emphasize making a better place for animals, people, and the environment. Here, we've highlighted the key objectives of this program:

  • Foster respect and compassion for living things,

  • Promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs,

  • Inspire individuals to take action to make a better place for all living species.

The program helps young people who talk about their community a lot. Just like Shawn, who thinks about how great apes were being treated in the wild and how they were under threat of extinction became aware of mountain gorillas first. And they're the ones that are the most close and threatened with extinction of all the great apes.

Want to learn more about 9 Roots and Shoots Compassionate traits? Click the link now and develop yours.

How the Roots and Shoots Program Works

The program started over 30 years ago when Jane Goodall met with some young people who wanted to fix local issues and give the world a better place to live. She was amazed at their optimism, energy, and willingness to take crises they didn’t create.

Roots shoots jane goodall jane goodall

However, the program works by maintaining a four-step formula. What is it?

Four-Step Formula

This program's most important and engaging part is the Four-step Formula:

(c) Take action, and

(d) Celebrate.

The formula helps young people map their communities, identify local needs, and prioritize findings. It also gives children or young people ideas for designing projects that address the intersection of biodiversity loss, climate change, or environmental inequity.

Community mapping indicates a process of exploring different communities with a specific problem that people, researchers, or citizens want to solve.

However, she wanted to bring young people together and show them how they can make a difference in their communities. Coming from her background studying animals, she really wanted to draw young people's attention to the interconnectedness and intersectionality of many of the issues that we are facing in the world for people, animals, and the environment.

So that's kind of how Roots and Shoots got started.

How You Can Join the Program

The program is open for young activists from pre-school to post-secondary. Anyone 18 or older can become a member and start their own project. Adults who work with youth under 18 can start a project for their classroom, community center, group, or others.

If you want, you can:

  • Join an existing group with interests similar to yours, such as a composting or gardening group, or you can start your own group. That may encourage you to start a composting group.

  • You may ask your school to install compost bins that help other students use them.

  • You can use their online guide or check out the podcast’s story notes.

Roots shoots canada online guide roots shoots guide

Are you part of the Los Angeles base camp? Then check out and gather more information to learn how to connect with the local base camp in LA. Do you want to meet the Roots and Shoots Youth Council USA? Click the now!

Roots and Shoots Program: How It Helps to Protect Our Future

The program helps to protect the environment and save the future by empowering young people. Its ultimate mission is to give people the power and responsibility to create community-based solutions to:

  • Environmental,

  • Conservation, and

  • Humanitarian issues.

From local to international projects, you learn worldwide issues that affect the Earth, become better global citizens, and are encouraged to make positive change. Here’s how the program helps:

  • Compassionate change: The program cultivates empathy and a sense of responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants.

  • Global movement: The program connects young people worldwide and fosters a sense of global citizenship by allowing them to share their ideas and experiences.

  • Empowerment and knowledge: The program is full of resources (educational and workshop materials) and guidance that help young people translate their ideas into actions.

The program invests in a brighter future for our planet, which is full of beautiful wildlife.

Final Verdict

Now, we’re at the end of today’s podcast, Community Building for Climate. Thanks to Shwan (guest), who shared his experience and the most helpful program: Roots and Shoots.

Shawn is a nature and wildlife champion who emphasizes protecting nature and the Earth’s biodiversity. He experienced how mountain gorillas, black-capped capuchin monkeys, and many big mammals like the Great Apes are going into extinction threats.

So, to fight against and protect our planet, we need to have these conversations about sustainability and the climate crisis.

Stay connected to We The Children by Zachary and learn about climate change and solutions from experts and leaders!

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